Intention: Homage to Castanea

Let’s dance for the American Chestnut!
Castanea dentata, the America Chestnut. Before the coming of the chestnut blight to the American continent in 1904, the American Chestnut was over 50% of the biomass of some eastern forests. Trees towered, and dropped their calorie rich nuts across the forest floor. Now the tree can hardly be found.
For the latter half of the 20th century, attempts have been made to develop blight resistant American Chestnuts. A number of groups have tried, with varying levels of success.
Recently a GMO variety called Darling 58 was created by the American Chestnut Research and Restoration Project at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry that uses the oxalate oxidase gene from wheat to degrade the oxalic acid produced by the chestnut blight, and a variety of this cultivar is under review for public use.
Additionally, the American Chestnut Foundation’s (ACF) backcross breeding program has been producing Chinese Chestnut and American backcross varieties that aim to re-breed American chestnut charictaristics into blight resistant trees. The ACF’s backcross program is nearing a point where they will be distributing seeds as their breeding program is proven and ramps up seed production.
In March of this year, Bountiful Cities and The American Chestnut Foundation will collaborate to plant two-three American Chestnut backcrosses in the West Asheville park! You can come help prep the site as well! Stay tuned for details 🙂
Also, donate to The American Chestnut Foundation to support their backcross program!

More Info

Event Date:

Friday March 1st, 2024

Event Location:

Haw Creek Commons, Asheville, NC




Doors open 6:15
Contact Improv Mini-Class 6:15-7:00
Warm-up/ Contact Jam 7:00 – 7:30
Opening Circle 7:30 – 7:35
Dance 7:35 – 9:00
Closing Circle 9:10
Finished 9:45


Standard Ecstatic Dance Guidelines apply (and then some):
1. Ecstatic Dance is freeform movement—without verbal guidance—to dance in whatever ways feel good to you. Dancing solo or with partners are equally welcome (consensual dancing only.)
2. Ecstatic Dance seeks to build community connection in many ways, including circling together at the opening, mid dance, and/or closing of dance, however please no hanging out or smoking (of anything) in the parking lots.
3. No colognes or perfumes, but please wear clean clothes and bless us with good personal hygiene (you are worthy!)
4. Only supervised children allowed
5. Please participate as a dancer- not as a performer or spectator.
6. Please arrive on time, participate in the opening circle, and stay for the closing circle.
7. Please no conversations on the dance floor
8. Ecstatic Dance is held to support a safe, healthy, clear-minded space (No alcohol or drugs; everyone is expected to move with awareness & care & respect; no scents; no shoes except as needed for medical reasons)
9. Please remove shoes when entering (or change into your special dance shoes)
10. Ecstatic Dance is held free of social distractions (no conversations, no cell phones, no photography, no videos)
11. You must honor your own boundaries and the boundaries of others at all time. Always get consent when connecting.
12. Please leave your clothes on at all times.


Please park in one of our driveways/lots. We have three lots to choose from: Two are next to the temple, the third is at 311 Haw Creek Road. Yes, 311 Haw Creek Road is part of the Haw Creek Commons. There is plenty of parking behind the house and perpendicular parking on the left and right sides of the driveway, Please pull all the way into lot to maximize parking availability. Overflow parking on the lawns at the commons is only available if the lawns are completely dry. The only parking on the road is available in front of 31 Bethesda Rd. you may parallel park here. The neighbors have been very supportive of our event, and we in turn support the neighbors by parking in the designated areas and not hanging out by the cars. We welcome you to park in our designated parking areas as we can easily accommodate all cars there.