In Appropriate Feelings – Dance Wave – Digital Download

Sometimes I feel things. Usually these feelings seem connected to my situation. Sometimes when I compare my situation with another’s, and I see my feelings, I imagine that others have all sorts of judgments about those feelings.

“I shouldn’t be feeling this way” – “I should be feeling that way.”
“How could you think that?” “Why am I so angry?”

While I find reaching to understand others’ perspectives and experiences critically important, at the same time, taking the time to feel deeply into my own experience and give it space is vital. Those feelings are what I am needing to feel.

I notice it’s very difficult, if not impossible, for me to be present with someone else until I am able to be present with my own feelings, no matter what judgments I might have about them.

So, what do you find when you allow whatever feelings you have to be appropriate? What is it like to lean into those feelings? To feel them fully?
What is on the other side?


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