A Warm Place – Ecstatic Dance Wave – Rescheduled


Sliding Scale – suggested $10 – NTAFLOF

This dance wave is at a private West Asheville Venue. Please sign up to receive the address.

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This intention harkens back to before CJ moved to Asheville. CJ was living in Inner Mongolia, China and as winter fell upon the grasslands, visited BaiTa, a Buddhist temple outside of Hohhot. CJ had found, year after year, in the late fall/early winter, thousands of ladybugs swarmed the stone temple, filling its nooks and crannies.

Why did the ladybugs swarm the temple?

As it turns out, it was one of the only warm spaces available to them a larger thermal mass not sealed with windows and doors. Its purpose was simply a welcoming space to sit, and to be.
It was a haven… A Warm Place.
CJ’s time in China (5 years) helped them discover… feel… what seemed to be missing in their life… what components of culture they find worth living into being.
They soon after moved to Asheville to find collaborators with which to embody these cultures… It’s been ten years since CJ arrived in Asheville in January of 2014. Over the last decade, CJ has continued to cultivate those strains of culture which are themselves A Warm Place…
This mix celebrates the collaborations that have guided the practice and evolution of these cultural strains, and invites us to dance in a new stage of co-creation!